media installation, carbon steel flags, projected moving image, 2018

Exhibited at the exhibition ‘Best of Diploma’ in Hungarian University of Fine Arts

The flag as a symbol of power suggest the questions of relations between institution and authority, while through the material changes evoke a memorial which could raise the issues of memory politics. Who is in the position to write the narrative that we speak? Could an institutional memory exist? And if yes, does it has the power to form an identity?

I respond to these questions through an installation which resembles a memorial by its form, without the permanence or unequivocal message of it. The pictures appear on the surface does not written into the material, therefore, to communicate the symbols the memorial is always in need of the temporary image of another medium, projecting. Through the material change, the flags freeze a moment. At the same time, the flags without permanent symbols are abstractions by not portraying an exact symbol, but the idea of symbolic representation.

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