Exhibited in the group show of the doctoral students of HUFA, titled “Szigetek és lehetőségeik”.

Curated by Júlia Salamon, Balázs Kicsiny

13 December 2023 – 27 January 2024
AQB Projectspace
The installation exhibited in the group show “Szigetek és lehetőségeik” at AQB Projectspace, consists of two photographic works and a single-channel video installation.

The video installation is a Hungarian language video adaptation of my lecture performance titled the same and was first performed in the “Not Quite King, Not Quite Fish” Artistic Research Symposium hosted by the Doctoral Departments of Vilnius Academy of Arts, on the 9th of November 2023

During the lecture, I went through the history of the Calorie from its inception as a measurement through its migration to medical and food science through indirect calorimetry, its’ status in our collective mind and the ideological and political factors connected to it. Through this concept, it is possible to tell the story of modernism particularly the history of mass food production and mass housing in the after-war era, and the new model of the ideal human being that comes into being in consequence. This journey through energy production both inside and outside of the human body allows us to critically engage with the concept and history of modernity while acknowledging its necessity during this historical period. I used the heat of the human body as constituted by inner heat (oxidizing food) and outer heat (housing, central heating) as a metaphor to deal with both the systematic and the personal and tell the story of the warmth of our bodies.

Still life: giclée print on archival paper, 2022
Eclipse I-VI.: giclée print on archival paper mounted on Dibond, 2023
People long for warmth: single-channel video, sound, 27’, 2023

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