Ground Mesaures I-VI.: 6 piece photo series, giclée print mounted on dibond, 2022 Artificial borders: carbon steel, wood, plexi glass, hay, 2022

in collaboration with Dániel Bozzai

Exhibited at the exhibition ‘BorderlineCase’ in MODEM Debrecen. Exhibited at the exhibiton ‘Borderlinecase 2.0’ in Budapest Gallery
Curated by Tamás Don

In our work we thematise Central and Eastern European identity through eating, more precisely, through agricultural production, which is strongly connected to it. The 19th century is the period not only of the creation of nation states, but also of industrialization. Just as under the flag of the nation also its myth of unity was created, including for example the national language, the same way industrialization unified production. However, certain things cannot be unified. The factors determining production, such as sunshine, rain, humidity or the quality of the soil cannot be influenced by the imaginary borders created by man. In our work we project these artificial borders and natural regions on each other in an object that evokes a museum display case.

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